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The Sir John Golding Fund

Prof John S.R. GoldingSir John Golding, OJ, CD, OBE, FRCS, the first Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery at the University of the West Indies, founded the Mona Rehabilitation Centre in the 1950s after a devastating polio epidemic and led it with energy, expertise and commitment until his sudden death in March 1996. At a blow, the Centre was deprived of leadership and a steady source of income.

John had established and secured endowment for the Sir John Golding Fund (UK registered Charity No 327619) in 1987 as a lasting resource for the Centre.  In 1996, the surviving Trustees (including his brother, Dr. Anthony Golding, who administered it from the London end until his death in 2009) recruited Pat Golding and the distinguished medical men Professors John Waterlow and Leslie LeQuesne, both of whom knew John well and gave outstanding service for the rest of their lives.

The Trustees support Mona in any way they can, but their main contribution is financial, some from fundraising, mostly from income on capital invested in the UK.

Leslie LeQuesne was Chairman for many years, followed by Alan Payne, a former UK High Commissioner in Jamaica.  In March 2013, Professor Kennedy Cruickshank became Chairman.  He is a diabetes and cardiovascular medicine specialist at King’s College London, with an interest in sports medicine.  He was born in Jamaica and has long and continuing work connections with the UWI.  We hope to develop some of these themes with the Centre. The other Trustees are  Mark Golding, Jane Reid (Hon. Secretary) (contact email, Kamala Dickson, Cėcile Gooney, Sarah Halford, Miles halford, Camille McFarlane, Ann-Marie Pinkney, Eric Smellie and Collin Smith (Hon Treasurer).