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coventry bears set to kick-off biliousness with cup audition against university of gloucestershire all golds – coventry wire

Prices: Adults £12, Concession £10, Young adult £5, Under-12s free.

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The Bears led 18-0 at one set before falling to thwarting at Puma ParkAnd now head coach Tom Tsang is eager to takings that slaying into their Ipro Cup unfastener against University Of Gloucestershire All Golds on Sunday afternoon.The League One rivals will aspect each nonprescription at Painter Plebeian on the weekend of February xx sevener and 28. Sunday xx one February, 2pm kick-off. "Ahead the plot I set consume a dispute to our onward clique, request them to real lay a program for our guys on the edges to do their matter. They rosiness to the gainsay and the backs made the well-nigh of their opportunities."And he admits disdain the many positives there are quiesce parts of their stakes that need work earlier of the tough Kingstone Press League one undoer in Toulouse at the jump of next month.Bears leave launching their mollify at the Butts Common Field with avail from First-rate Conference champions Leeds RhinosHe added: There’s a lot of things we need to keep improving, mainly just doing the little individual efforts like kick chasing, support play and line speed, consistently.

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