Sir John Golding Rehabilitation Center

Friends of the Mona Rehabilitation Centre

Committee Members

  • Mrs. Doreen Thompson, Chairman
  • Mrs. Margaret Gaynair, Hon. Secretary/Treasurer
  • Lady Patricia Golding
  • Mrs. Sarah Newland Martin, General Secretary, YMCA Jamaica
  • Mrs. Madeline Webster, Retired Civil Servant
  • Mrs. Karen Thwaites, Special Education Teacher
  • Mrs. Suzanne Henry, Chief Physiotherapist SJGRC.
  • Ms. Antoinette Sargeant, Acting Matron, Director Nursing Services SJGRC
  • Mrs. Jennifer Otway
  • Mrs. Opal Minott, Rehabilitation Officer SJGRC
  • Mrs. Gillian Hudson, Lecturer U.W.I. , Physiotherapist
  • Ms. Sonja Williams, Lecturer U.W.I.
  • Mr. Don Taylor, Counselling Psychologist. SJGRC

The Friends of Mona Rehabilitation Centre was founded in the 1970s by a group of volunteers appointed by our patron, Sir John Golding. The aim of the Friends was primarily concerned with patient welfare and a general upgrading of working conditions at the Centre. The Mona Rehabilitation Centre was later renamed the Sir John Golding Rehabilitation Centre after his death in 1996, but The Friends retained their original name.

Over the years, the role of the friends has expanded considerably. The Centre is a complex amalgamation of government and private entities. For example, the hospital is government-operated, while the Athlone Hostel and the workshops are under the control of Monex Limited.

Because of waning government support in recent years, the Friends have increasingly been called upon to provide funds for many areas crucial to the functioning of the Centre. They regularly provide funds for food and maintenance for the hospital, grants to needy ex-patients, provision of prostheses and medications, school fees, books and uniforms, and educational assistance, including computer training. The group also funds X-ray and other technical charges, garden maintenance, and equipment for the physiotherapy department.

Annual fundraising activities elicit welcome support from major Jamaican companies as well as individuals. The Sir John Golding Rehabilitation Centre could not operate without the participation of the Friends of Mona Rehab.


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