Sir John Golding Rehabilitation Center


Trustees of the Sir John Golding Fund UK


  • E. J. R. Rose, CBE
    • d. 1999
  • Mrs. S. P. Rose
    • resigned 1999
  • Dr. A. M. B. Golding
    • Hon. Secretary, d. 2009
  • Lady Golding
    • resigned,  appointed Patron 2010


  • Professor John Waterlow, CBE
    • resigned, appointed Patron 2005, d. 2011
  • Professor Leslie LeQuesne, CBE (chairman)
    • resigned, appointed Patron 2008,  d. 2011
  • Mrs. P. Feltham


  • Dr. Dilip Raje, FRCS
    • d. 2007
  • Mr. Tony D’Souza



  • Mr. Alan Payne, CMG
    • Chairman from 2008, resigned, appointed Patron 2013
  • Mr. Michael Prince
    • Hon. Treasurer, resigned 2007


  • Professor John Garrow
    • resigned 2008


  • Mrs. Cėcile Goorney
  • Dr. Kamala Dickson


  • Mr. Miles Halford
  • Dr. Kennedy Cruickshank
    • Chairman from 2013


  • Lady Reid
    • Hon. Secretary from 2010


  • Senator Mark Golding


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