Sir John Golding Rehabilitation Center

Mona Rehab Foundation

Tanny Shirely chairman SEHRA, Mark Golding chiarman of Mona REhab Foundation & Lady GoldingThe Mona Rehabilitation Foundation, an approved charitable organization, was established by Sir John Golding shortly before his death to provide financial, technical and other support and resources for the Sir John Golding Rehabilitation Centre, and it manages the non-medical facilities there.  Since Sir John’s passing in 1996, the Foundation has been chaired by his son, Senator Mark Golding.

The Mona Rehab Foundation is comprised of a local board chaired by Sen. Golding and includes Dr. Akshai Mansingh of the University of the West Indies.  The Foundation, an approved charitable organisation, has capital resources which earn income to support the Centre’s operations.

Through its subsidiary, Monex Limited, the Foundation executes the following activities at the Centre:

  • Prosthetics and orthotics workshops (co-funded by SERHA through salary support)
  • A leather workshop to make special shoes
  • A woodwork shop to provide training and employment for rehabilitated patients
  • Providing salary support for part-time specialists (e.g., psychiatry, voice therapy)
  • Various “micro-industries” that employ disabled persons
  • The Athlone Wing Hostel for approximately 20 disabled, school-aged children (co-funded with the Ministry of Social Security)